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Strong Counseling Solutions LLC

Welcome to Strong Counseling Solutions LLC

Welcome to Strong Counseling Solutions LLC

Welcome to Strong Counseling Solutions LLCWelcome to Strong Counseling Solutions LLCWelcome to Strong Counseling Solutions LLC

Internet Stars - The Risks and Rewards for Streamers

Why individuals seek fame and riches online by way of streaming and content creation, and how disastrous the attempts may be in the end.

The Psychology of Expectations and Valentine's Day

You don't need to be in a relationship every Valentine's Day!  Charles from Strong Counseling Solutions LLC discusses the history of St. Valentine's Day, how expectations can make it problematic for those who celebrate it, and what should be done to get the most out of the holiday, whether you're with someone or you're not currently in a relationship. 

The Illusions of Attention and Knowledge

How we don't notice everything we see and how we think we know more than we actually do.  TO PARTICIPATE IN ACTIVITY, CLICK ICON IN TOP RIGHT AND SELECT "CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO ACTIVITY" VIDEO LINK WHEN PROMPTED

How Beautiful People Can Get away with Anything

Why we often give the beautiful people more credit than they deserve...and how you can avoid doing just that. 

Eggplants and Love Language

How emojis can improve your love life, and why people might send unsolicited nude pictures.

Bags of Marbles - What ADHD is Like

Do Your Sleeping Habits Impact Your Relationships?

How we often believe erroneously that we can make up for missed sleep on days off, and how sleep deprivation can affect how we think of and interact with others.

Learned Helplessness

What is learned helplessness?  Discover how it can impact your voting and how much you spend time with others, and what you can do to avoid setting traps for yourself.

Surviving the Holidays after the Loss of a Loved One

How Fast is Prejudice?

 What is the speed of prejudice? And what happens when third graders are exposed to it? 

Escaping Shutdown during Depression

We often engage in shutdown behavior when we are depressed; how can we better understand and correct this trend?

Survivorship Bias and the Secret of Succ

How to win by seeing the invisible.

How Gratitude and Giving Thanks Can Improve Lives

How can being grateful and giving thanks earn you more friends, help you control depression, and improve your sleep?

How Beliefs and Your Fitbit Can Change Your Health

How can you be convinced of something...only for it to become true?  Also, how is your Fitbit controlling you?

How to Sleep Better and Choose Your Dreams

How Much Does Happiness Cost

Three Habits of High Performers

Three Types of Life and How to Ascend