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Coronavirus and You - Resources & Activities during Crisis

How Are You Doing? A Quick Mental Health Checklist

Invisible Labor - How to See (and Show Others) Your Work

Charles from Strong Counseling Solutions LLC discusses the difficulty we often have in equally sharing domestic obligations, how our work often goes unnoticed by others, and what we can do about it, as reported by Jelena Kecmanovic Ph.D and Elizabeth Emens, JD, PhD. 

Diplomacy in the Bedroom

We review claims from Doctors Marlanne Brandon and James Simon that intimacy is caught between empowerment and evolution.  We discuss what this means and how you can navigate political correctness in the bedroom.

Team-Building - How to Improve Group Efficiency

Charles from Strong Counseling Solutions LLC discusses findings from Laszlo Bock and Dr. Christopher Chabris on pitfalls of group thinking and three quick tips to put together an efficient and productive group. 

Tips for Successful Communication

What to Do When Loved Ones are Depressed

The Big Five - Spectrums of Personality

Charles from Strong Counseling Solutions LLC discusses "The Big Five", a collection of personality traits said to be present in everyone...traits that may dictate our behavior, relationship pursuits, and even career choices! 

Public Shaming - Digital Mob Mentality

Do we truly suffer repercussions for our behavior online?  Are we held accountable by our peers for what we say online?  And what are the differences in consequences for celebrities?

How to Get over a Break-up or Improve Romantic Relationships

Are You an Introvert, Extrovert, or Ambivert?

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?  Vanessa Van Edwards proposes that most people fit into a third category.  Figure out where you might fall and what particular skills you might need to hone for a successful career. 

Emotional Contagion - Catching Feelings

Internet Stars - The Risks and Rewards for Streamers

Why individuals seek fame and riches online by way of streaming and content creation, and how disastrous the attempts may be in the end.

Bags of Marbles - What ADHD is Like

Do Your Sleeping Habits Impact Your Relationships?

How we often believe erroneously that we can make up for missed sleep on days off, and how sleep deprivation can affect how we think of and interact with others.

Surviving the Holidays after the Loss of a Loved One

How to Sleep Better and Choose Your Dreams

How Much Does Happiness Cost